Generator Maintenance: Wait… They Need Maintenance?

When it comes down to it, a generator isn’t something that homeowners think about too often; at least, not until the power goes out. Unfortunately here in Michigan, that could happen (literally) any time. That’s why keeping up with your generator maintenance is so important for Michigan homeowners.

I know what you must be thinking, “Wait… my generator needs maintenance?”, and the answer is: Absolutely!

Generators, especially automatic standby generators, are complex machines with lots of moving parts. They’re basically a car engine hooked up to your main electrical breaker. Do car engines need regular maintenance? You better believe it.

General Maintenance for Standby Generators

Easy Generator Maintenance

Not everything on the generator maintenance checklist needs to be done by a licensed professional. There are a few easy maintenance steps that just about anyone can do to help keep their generator running smoothly.

The easiest steps to generator maintenance are the inspection steps. In order to ensure your whole home generator continues operating at peak performance, it’s essential that you inspect your machine throughout the year.

Monthly or bimonthly inspections of your generator helps keep track of your generator’s overall health. Keeping a close eye (or ear) on the generator means you’re far less likely to be surprised by any issues. It also means you’re able to get ahead of the issues, allowing you to take a more proactive approach to your generator maintenance.

Easy Generator Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspect batteries
  • Check oil level
  • Inspect general condition of the generator

Advanced Generator Maintenance

A howell, MI family enjoying power in their home during a rain storm, because they adhere to a comprehensive generator maintenance plan  from Mister Sparky Electrical.
When it comes to generator maintenance, the more advanced steps (or anything you’re unsure of) should be left to the licensed professionals. This ensures you aren’t causing any more damage to the generator.

While it may seem more expensive at first to call a professional in for regular generator check-ups, it actually saves you tons of money in the long-run. Trusting the professionals with your generator maintenance is an investment into the health and longevity of your unit. It’s also way less expensive than replacing an entire home generator.

Advanced Generator Maintenance Includes:

  • Changing the battery
  • Changing the oil
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Replacing spark plugs

Generator Maintenance Checklist


  • Inspect Exterior Case
  • Clean Case if Necessary


  • Inspect Oil Level
  • Check Fuel Lines and Connections
  • Inspect Battery for Signs of Corrosion and To Ensure Dryness
    • Clean and remove any corrosion from battery
    • Clean and tighten battery terminals
  • Inspect Overall Condition of Generator
    • Vibration
    • Noise
    • Temperature
    • Leaks

Six Months:

  • Inspect Battery
    • Check the charge
    • Check electrolyte levels
  • Replace Battery if Necessary

One Year – Two Years:

  • Change Oil (Every Two Years or After 200 Hours of Operation)
  • Change Oil Filter (When Replacing the Oil)
  • Inspect Air Cleaner
    • Replace if necessary
  • Inspect Spark Plugs
    • Replace if necessary
  • Complete Tune-Up
    • Must be done by professional HVAC technician

Trust the Pros With Your Generator Maintenance

Don’t wait until the power goes out to learn that your generator needs maintenance, get ahead of the problem. The professional electricians here at Mister Sparky Electrical are experts when it comes to generators. Whether you’re looking for a brand new installation, repairs, or general maintenance, Mister Sparky Electrical has what you need.

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