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Professional Generator Installations

Generators are standby devices which can supply electricity to your home during a power failure. When a power outage occurs, a generator supplies power to your home and allows you to continue to operate appliances to keep your family safe.

Portable Generator vs Stationary Generators

The main difference between stationary and portable units are in the connection and activation. A portable unit has to be moved into position, fueled and then connected to your home. A stationary generator is usually already wired to your home and powered by natural gas, propane or fuel. They can start immediately and automatically in the case of a power outage and are often able to power the entire home with only a momentary disruption in power.

Generator Transfer Switches

A generator transfer switch is an electrical device that allows you to safely connect a generator to your household wiring. It is installed beside the main electrical panel and connected to the circuits you want to run during a blackout. Generator transfer switches come in both manual and automatic applications, depending on the type of generator that is installed in your home.


Generac Whole House Generator Installations

Your family’s comfort and safety is Mister Sparky’s top priority.  Thats why we trust Generac generators to keep our valued customers safe and with power at all times.  Generac offers a large variety of options when it comes to whole house generators that are designed to accommodate any size home.

Generac’s Home Backup Power

When we install a Generac generator in your home, you can rest assured that your family will never be out of power.  These top quality generators sense power outages and turn themselves on automatically within seconds any time there is a power outage.

Expert Generator Installation

If you’re looking for safe and expert installation of a portable generator or a whole house stationary generator, call Mister Sparky®. Our professional technicians will get the job done right the first time, meeting all safety code requirements, guaranteed.  Call us today to speak with an expert!

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