The Benefits of Whole House Generators: A Closer Look

In the United States, the average residential customer spent $115 a month on their electricity bill as of 2019. However, this energy will not do anything to help you if you lost power in your house.

Losing power can cause many serious problems and discomfort, from no light to spoiled food and damage to your home. One way that you can protect yourself in these situations is by having a whole house generator.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of having whole house generators, also known as standby generators, in your home? Keep reading this article to see why you should invest in a home generator.

Improved Safety

It can be a stressful experience when your home loses power. Not only do you have an increased risk of falling or tripping, but it can cause many other safety hazards.

For example, losing power will prevent your security system from functioning. This may make your home a potential target for crime.

Using a standby generator is a much safer alternative, as they will provide you with immediate power after your house loses its primary source of power. Whole house generators are also safer than gas generators.

If you use a portable generator, it can emit fumes from the gas, which is bad for your health. It may even increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Standby generators don’t emit as many fumes, so they will also help you protect your health.

Automatic Power

Next, installing whole house generators provides your home with automatic power. With a traditional gas-powered generator, you need to make sure your generator is set up and make sure it has fuel before you can turn it on.

If you are away from home when the power goes out, it may be too late to save your food from spoiling and to protect your appliances.

On the other hand, standby generators will turn on as soon as your main power supply goes out! This means your power will automatically turn on, even if you aren’t home. You can be confident that your security system will still have power and your appliances will still be functioning normally.

Unlimited Power

With a whole house generator in your home, you'll have unlimited power even in a Michigan power outage.
Not only will your power turn on automatically with a whole house generator, but you will also have access to unlimited power! With a portable generator, they are typically limited by how much fuel they can take.

Often, this fuel will run out and will not allow you to power your home for long. If a dangerous storm has caused your power to go out, you will not be able to get gas to refill your generator.

With whole house generators, you can draw power directly from the local utility grid. This means that your generator is connected to an existing gas line, so they will never run out of power!

More Efficient

Whole house generators are also a much more efficient option than portable generators. As was mentioned before, portable generators can only provide a certain amount of power.

You may have to refuel it many times to keep power. However, whole house generators will always provide enough power to your home. You may not even notice a difference in the power when you use a whole house generator!

They are also integrated into your home’s existing electrical system. This way, you can customize it to fit your needs. For example, you can choose which appliances you want your standby generator to power, like a refrigerator, HVAC system, and security system.

This way, you will not be wasting power on things that you don’t currently need to use.

Prevents Additional Problems

When you have a whole house generator, you can also prevent many other problems. While a standby generator is a large investment, you may save money in the long run!

If your power were to go out without another source of electricity, it can cause your pipes to freeze and burst when your HVAC system stops running. It will also cause all of your food to spoil if the refrigerator turns off.

With a backup generator, you can protect other areas of your house to prevent these problems from happening. This is a great investment to make to protect your home from these costly issues!

Allows You to Use Plumbing

Using a whole home generator will also allow you to use your plumbing, even when the electricity goes out. In many modern houses, your fixtures rely on electronic pumps to move water throughout your house.

Without electricity, these pumps will not transfer to your plumbing fixtures, like your sinks, showers, and toilets.

When you have a standby generator, you can use your plumbing fixtures without any problems!

Peace of Mind

Finally, having a generator for your house will provide you and your family with peace of mind. You never know when your home might lose power. By having a whole house generator, you can be confident that your life will continue as normal during a power outage.

This will make it much easier to deal with a serious storm, especially if you live in an area with frequent natural disasters.

Looking for Whole House Generators? We Can Help

Having access to power is necessary to protect yourself, your home, and your belongings. By getting whole house generators, you can avoid unnecessary power outages and enjoy each of these benefits!

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