7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Electrician in Howell
If you live in Howell, MI and need an electrician, you need to know your options. Here are mistakes to avoid when choosing an electrician in Howell.

There are currently over 818,658 employed electricians and 202,197 electrical businesses available in the country. If you need an electrician to work on your property in Howell, MI, you have plenty of options. How do you narrow those options down to the one electrician you need?

Failing to do your due diligence beforehand could lead you to make a costly mistake.

You could hire an inexperienced electrician who ends up doing more harm to your home or office than good!

Here are seven mistakes you need to avoid when choosing an electrician in Howell, MI. With these tips, you can find a professional electrician you can rely on. 

Start your search by avoiding these mistakes first!

1. Not Checking for Experience

Some people rush to hire the first electrician they find. Others are so focused on comparing electrician fees that they only see the cheapest price. When choosing an electrician in Howell, MI, don’t rush the process.

Instead, take the time to learn everything you can about the contractor before you hire them.

You can even start researching online. First, look for an electrician who has worked in Howell over the years. A business that’s survived local competition has likely earned the respect of its clients.

Otherwise, you could end up with an electrician who fails to make it in the industry. The next time you experience common electrical problems, you’ll have to start your search again.

Look for someone who has developed their skills over the years. Make sure their experience and expertise are well-rounded, too. For example, maybe you need someone to help set up smart home technology.

Maybe you need an electrician who focuses on wiring issues instead. 

You can look for electricians by speaking with your inner circle. Do they have an electrician they already trust? How long have they worked with that electrician?

Learn about their experience working with the electrician. How were any problems resolved? Was the electrician able to explain the problem and solution?

Were they knowledgeable and fast?

An electrician with experience won’t waste time trying to troubleshoot the problem. Instead, they’ll rely on their previous experience. That experience can point them right toward the best solution.

2. Forgetting to Look for Their License

Once you have a list of experienced electricians in Howell, make sure their paperwork is in order.

First, make sure they’re licensed. Choosing an electrician with a license will give you peace of mind before you invite them into your home.

To keep their license, an electrician needs to complete qualification testing every year. Otherwise, there’s a chance their training will become outdated. They might fail to understand more complex electrical problems and systems. 

Ask how recently they updated their training and license. You can also ask the electrician for proof of their license.

Look for an electrician who has their insurance paperwork in order, too.

If someone is injured on the job, you don’t want to get sued. Choosing a company with proper insurance will give you peace of mind. In the event an accident does occur, you’re protected.

3. Never Reviewing Their Work

Talk to your contractor about the specifics of your project. Do they have the ability to meet the scope of your electrical project? Do they have the right experience and expertise?

You don’t have to take their word for it. Instead, ask for proof of their previous work. 

When was the last time they completed a project that was similar to yours? Can you speak to that client? Was the client satisfied with the work?

Reviewing the quality of their work will help you determine their experience as an electrician.

4. Not Reviewing Their Reputation

Before choosing an electrician from your list, talk to your contractor about their previous clients. See if you can speak to a few of their more recent clients. Then, learn about their experience working with the electrician. 

If they can’t refer you to a happy client, there’s a chance they don’t have a strong professional reputation.

Look for an electrician who is timely, professional, and communicates well. An electrician with a strong existing reputation will want to maintain that reputation. They won’t rush their work, especially if it means a negative review.

Head online to find references and reviews, too. If there aren’t any listed on the electrician’s website, check their Better Business Bureau listing. Make sure the electrician doesn’t have any complaints filed against them. 

You might also find reviews on their Google My Business listing.

Make sure to read reviews from multiple resources. You might find one or two negatives; that’s okay. Make sure to look for recent reviews (especially if the electrician has improved over the years).

5. Forgetting to Ask About Cost

The average electrician makes about $55,190 each year.

As you begin narrowing down your options, ask for a quote from each electrician. Don’t make the mistake of getting one quote. Instead, multiple quotes will help when comparing electrician fees.

What financing options do they offer?

Ask each electrician what’s included in their quote.

Remember, you don’t want to pay for the cheapest service. Chances are you’ll get what you pay for. Instead, look for someone you can afford and trust.

6. Never Checking Their Schedule

You don’t want to end up with an electrician who can’t fit you in for a month. Make sure the Howell, MI electrician you choose is available.

How long will your project take? Do they need to bring in anyone else? If so, are they experienced and insured?

Asking about the timeline will help you set realistic expectations. 

7. Not Asking for Everything in Writing

Once you’ve made your choice, get everything in writing. That includes the project timeline and all costs. If you agreed on any minute detail, make sure it’s in the control.

What if you and the electrician argue about your previous agreement? You can always refer back to the contract to confirm the details. That way, there’s no dispute about pricing or other concerns.

Choose the Best: 7 Avoidable Mistakes When Choosing an Electrician in Howell, MI

Hire the best electrician in Howell, MI! By avoiding these mistakes, choosing an electrician will feel like a breeze. Instead of regretting your choice, you can work with a professional you can trust and rely on. 

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